Sunday, 13 July 2014

F/R-F: "Structures of Paradise" album released

One year ago today, I had the privilege to perform alongside my (then 14 years old) son, Callum Raeburn -Fellowes, at a quarterly event called Awakenings Evening of Ambient and Electronic Music. This event is held in the Staffordshire town of Branston (yes, where the pickle comes from) and gives electronic music artists of all levels the chance to perform their material. It's a very well organised event and I have been to several of them, each as enjoyable as the other. Callum and I were very pleasantly surprised by the highly positive reaction to our one hour set, and during our 5 hour drive home we decided that we would together a studio version of our performance.
And that album has been released today, via download site, Bandcamp.
We're very pleased and proud of "Structures of Paradise", released under the name of F/R-F.
It's available as a digital download with an accompanying .pdf document for £7 and you can purchase it by clicking on the link below:
The album is comprised of recordings that Callum and I made during our two week rehearsals leading up to the performance, stereo recordings made on the night of the event through the venue's mixing desk and some studio elements added over the last year in my studio. The album was produced and mixed in my GTK Studio and I would say that we've achieved roughly a 50/50 balance between the live and studio elements.
The premise of the album is about the evolution of the Earth, from birth through to death, split into three parts:
1. Creation of Paradise - the birth of our home world and the beginnings of life
2. Paradise Consumed - the growth of humanity and its' plundering of the all that the Earth gives us, not just in industrial terms, but also sociologically, represented by the sound bytes of David Cameron telling us to spend more, consume more and reminding that only the rich get what they want, layered with the voice of George Osborne (made to sound like a Dalek), telling the Children of Wealth to "divide, denounce and demonise". The devouring of the world on every level by the locust-like homo sapians
3. Paradise Lost - when the "great and good" have all but destroyed our societies turning man against man, when the world has been plundered of its' resources to the brink of collapse and when there's nothing left but to wage war leading, ultimately, to the destruction of the our wonderous home world, the last shards of the planet dissolving into space

Friday, 11 July 2014

EDGE......a new (old) album

Today sees a rather low-key release of a new album of avant-garde experimental electronic music from me called "Edge", my first full album using Bandcamp.
If you read this blog, you'll know that back in 2012, I did three tracks with the same title. Well, I thought to have a bit of a clean up on my Bandcamp page and decided to repackage the three tracks as a single album.
As I said in the opening paragraph, "Edge" is a one hour album of avant-garde electronic music, set out over three tracks. This means it's not what you could really describe as "easy listening". "Edge" is a sonic exploration that teeters on the edge of tonality, and ventures beyond that point in to a dissonant atonal realm. As well as the three tracks, there's also a little .pdf document.
"Edge" was inspired by the experimentalists of old such as Edgard Varèse, Pierre Schaeffer and Karlheinz Stockhausen, as well as their modern contemporaries such as Matthias Schuster and Rod Mitchell (Atomic Shadow).
Challenge your mind and your listening capabilities and take a walk on the weird side of electronic music, you might just like it ;-)
You can get "Edge" HERE

Neil Fellowes: Edge (2014)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

AD Music and Geigertek

Just a quick post to say that AD Music and I have today parted company.
I'm afraid I can't report any great scandalous story, salacious gossip or epic rock 'n' roll out-fallings, it's just a very simple case of new directions. I will be eternally grateful to David and Elaine Wright for giving me such a massive start in this music biz thing and for some of the best memories and laughs ever. It's been a blast.
And, as another aspect of the gentle ending of this particular chapter, it's also now the right time to draw a close to the Geigertek project, which I started back in 2006 with my old friend from Germany, Conrad Schmidt, so there'll be no further releases under this name
The writing and recording of the "Hollow Sun" album will continue, and in due time, there will be new material with my son Callum Raeburn-Fellowes under the F/R-F monicker, and with Dean Burnett as Weathered Wall.
All Geigertek releases through AD Music remain as they are, and are readily available from the AD Music website and pretty much every on-line retailer :-)
Time to say goodbye, horizons are never far......

Monday, 7 July 2014

A new release for Friday 11th July 2014......

I was having a trawl through the music folders on my computer drives and also my Bandcamp page, when I noticed that a trio of pieces I did back in 2012, actually constituted enough material for an album.
So, on Friday 11th July 2014, I will be releasing an album called "Edge", which is made up of three 20 minute pieces of a very abstract/avant-garde electronic dronescapes. I created the three pieces using a combination of hardware and software sound sources, mixed together through my Peavey console for a nice warm sound into the continually excellent Reaper 4 digital audio workstation.
I'll be releasing "Edge" through Bandcamp as a download only, but I've included a small .pdf document, and I'll post the URL for it on Friday :-)

Here's the cover:

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Structures of Paradise......

Just a quick reminder that the first release by my son, Callum Raeburn-Fellowes, and myself under the name F/R-F will available a week from today, and that release date is Sunday 13th July 2014 :-)