Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Coming Days......

Much excitement here at GTK HQ as we get on with the last minute preparations for the Code Indigo headlining concert at this year's E-Day, to be held in the Dutch town of Oirschott on Saturday.

If you have Twitter or Facebook, I'll be tweeting like a lunatic all weekend with comments and photos as they happen.

The bulk of my stage set-up is already over at David Wright's place and I now just need to gather up the last minute bits and pieces, such as the two Monotrons, FX pedals and spare leads.

There'll be some new blogs next week about more equipment that has joined the GTK Studio arsenal, including flanger, phaser and digital delay effects pedals, a new Korg Monotron Delay and a rather gorgeous Korg 01/W FD workstation synthesiser. I'm hoping that the phaser pedal will arrive today in time for the Code Indigo concert. It's a Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser, based on the classic Small Stone phaser as used by Jean Michel Jarre. It's got a lovely tone and I can't wait to use it with my other FX units. That said, I'm more than happy with the Behringer UF300 Ultra Flanger and DD600 Digital Delay pedals that arrived last week. I'll be using these at E-Day.

Because of the arrival of the Korg 01/W FD, I need to have a complete rethink of the layout of the GTK Studio - again!!! I'm thinking about building a 20U rack unit for the synth and effects modules, it'll have to be DIY as buying the units would prove very expensive. I may build a complete workstation unit to incorporate everything. We'll see.

Once the GTK Studio is sorted, work will definitely recommence on the next Geigertek album, "Hollow Sun". The combination of all the new hardware and the excellent Hollow Sun software is already firing up new ideas. I've already got a few tracks started with titles such as "Dark Skies", "Black Star" and "She Came From Outta Space" to give you something of an idea of the album's feel and direction. I've also been watching the entire series of "The X-Files"...... It's pretty certain now that "Hollow Sun" will be very different to previous Geigertek releases. Oh, and expect one or two little surprises and a bit of subtle humour, it'll be EM as you've never heard it before ;-)

So, once this weekend is done and dusted, much work will begin in earnest.

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