Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A new world opened......

After a few weeks deliberation, Anne and I today decided to join Adobe's Creative Cloud. It's an option to use all of Adobe's Creative Suite products for a single monthly payment rather than selling your kidneys and eyeballs for just one product. The amount we will pay over the course of just one year wouldn't even cover the cost of buying Photoshop alone, so it's incredible value.

On top of that, every single update that is released automatically gets downloaded to your computer and even if Adobe move up to the next revision (at time of writing we are on CS6), you automatically upgrade with no change to your payment. It would be very good to see other software companies try this approach, particularly in the music world.

Our main areas of interest are obviously photography, but also video and website design, so we are now very well catered for. As you might imagine, there is going to be something of a download frenzy today :-D

And naturally, it's nice to be able to use quality software, safe in the knowledge that you're not risking viruses from "dodgy" downloads, and knowing that your bank account hasn't been gang-raped!!!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Showing how iPhone works

Just quick one to show Dean of Weathered Wall how cool blogging with an iPhone is :-)

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Test number 3

Now then, let's see if it's possible to send pictures :-)

Another test post

Making sure that the new entry into my contacts on my iPhone has worked properly :-)

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Test Blog

Has this worked? Blogging from my iPhone :-)

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