Saturday, 2 June 2012

Man of 2 Worlds Radio Show :-)

I haven't made much mention on here about my weekly radio show on the One World Radio station!!! Well I'm gonna do just that right now :-D

My weekly 2 hour radio show is called the "Man of 2 Worlds Radio Show" and it goes out every Sunday afternoon at 1pm. It's all about electronic music in all it's forms from abstract soundscapes to synth-pop to electronica to experimental. I also have regular features which have proven quite popular. There are "Nobody Does It Cheddar" where I play a synthy track that isn't quite the best of what's out there. It's proven to be a popular item and so far I haven't received any lawsuits which is always a good thing. I also do something called the "MIDI Chain" where I take a number of tracks and the listener has to guess what the link is - this is an idea I blatantly and unashamedly stole off of my good friend Clive Dunn (not that one, the other one). Clive is an award-winning film maker who worked for more than 40 years with the B.B.C. and ITV channels, and together we are developing a website called Topographex which is about the hidden histories and lost landscapes of the U.K. - more on that soon. Another feature is the "Little Bit of Synth Corner" - when I was a teenager discovering the delights of the synthesizer, I would buy anything and everything with a synth on it, even if it was just a nano-second of a filter-sweep. Years later, (April 12th 2012 to be precise), I discovered during a conversation the legendary synth technician Kent Spong, that I was not alone in this and so the idea for the feature was born. I put a small post on the show's Facebook page asking people to send in their "little bit of synth" records, and I had quite a few replies, some coming from established musos and synth creators!!! And last but not least is the "Man of 2 Worlds Radio Show News Desk". For this, my dear partner Anne reads out any items of synth/electronic music news be it an album release or some gig news.

I also try and act as something of a platform for new and/or un-signed musicians by getting them to send me any tracks they would like played. I do this because when I came back into the the music world, the very saemthing was done for me via two radio shows, one was a podcast program called RoboCast Radio (now sadly no more) and the other a weekly show on Harborough FM called Hawke Chill Out Sessions hosted by the venerable Terry Hawke. Through these two programs, my music was heard by a wider audience than I could have hoped for and ultimately led to my coming into contact with AD Music to whom my four releases are signed. I'm realy happy to do this as I've heard some great new music that I might have otherwise missed - plus I get to share it with those who listen into my show :-)

I have a Facebook page for the program as well which you can find HERE. Pretty much each week whilst the program airs on One World Radio, I sit in front of my computer and chat with people who are listening to the show - it's a great way to get feedback AND be in touch with the people who make your listening figures. I also add a playlist each week.

On top of that, I also have a page on my personal website which includes an archive page of the show, going right back to the first one. I add the latest show one week after it's broadcast on One World Radio so as to allow for their repeats of the program during the week. You can find the archive page HERE.

So there you go. My little radio show.

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