Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Work in progress

I got hit by a bit of spare time between "things to do" earlier today and so I thought I would start a guide track for a song that will be a part of the Neil Fellowes and the Impossible Men thingy I'm doing with my son Callum and my pal, Peter.

Here's a bit of video of me, looking like an old man practicing the verse and chorus parts of "The Edge of Nowhere" which will be on the debut album, "Earthshock". The video isn't great - the aspect ratio is wrong, the camera angle is not good, the sound quality is poor and it's totally self-indulgent.

Don't be mislead by the Ultravox sounding piano - it's only a guide track and I play piano :-D

I anticipate the finished product to be a bit better than what's here :-D

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