Saturday, 19 May 2012

Vintage Valve Radio Fun

You may recall I acquired two vintage valve radios a couple of weeks back, well today I decided to get started on what it was I got them for - a bit of musical experimentation. Oh, and what fun I had :-)

I've come up with a 6 minute track which I've called "Radio-Fonika" (original huh?) and you can hear it below. I used a very simple set up, that being a single condenser microphone placed directly against the radio. I recorded approximately 3 minutes of the radio being tuned from one side of it's dial to the other, in long wave. I then looped and fed the recording through a Zoom 1201 multi-effects unit as well as a series of auto filters, harmonic filters, flangers, delays, tap delays and deep reverb on the computer. All the sounds are from the treated looped recording, with everything pre-fader and the only additions are the drums (kick and snare courtesy of EZDrummer).

You'll notice that once again it's under my own name and also there's no download, this is because I might just put this to one side for an album of experimental electronic music. No definite plans on that one as yet though.

Hope it's not too weird for you ;-)

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