Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Impossible Men project

I've mentioned the Neil Fellowes and the Impossible Men project several times over the last few months but haven't actually gone into any detail about it. Well, I guess as the real work is soon to start, I thought I'd scribe (type) a few words about it.

I've been beavering away at photo processing for a few days now and I'm close to being done. Will be good to get that out of the way. After that, I then need to finish off some vocal work I've been doing on a track written by Kev Oysten a.k.a. The Soulless Party. It's a groovy little piece that has the title of "I Died On Mars" and Kev asked me if I would sing on it - which was cool. I've also roped in Candice Wells who did some vocal stuff on my "Soundtrack For City Living" album. Been a few set backs through different things (dying computer was a major one!!!), but we're getting there.

In between the various bits and pieces, I'll be working on the IoTronica album - it's sounding good this far, but a long way to go yet. And it's fun working on someone else's material as well. More about that in another blog soon ;-)

Once the vocals have been done for the Soulless Party track, I'll be starting work proper on new material for the Neil Fellowes and the Impossible Men album "Earthshock", dedicating pretty much all my music time to that. My son, Callum Raeburn-Fellowes, will be playing drums and electronic percussion (using the D.I.Y. drum kit we're about to build) and my good friend Peter Dagg will be providing guitar. I've got a few sketchpad ideas down already and I've also dipped into some songs I wrote MANY years ago - okay, 25 years ago - that will benefit from modern sounds and all the new production bits and pieces I've learnt over the last 5 years.

I wanted the music that is being written for this to be presented in a form away from Geigertek as it won't be of the instrumental electronic music ilk. The songs of the Impossible Men project will be heavily focused in the electronica field with vocals and, as mentioned, drums and guitar. The bits and pieces that I've got at the moment are very much in the sway of John Foxx, Ultravox, Midge Ure and the like - inevitable I guess as these guys are a strong musical influence for me. What I'm hoping is that the music WON'T sound like the afore-mentioned people and have a style or sound of it's own.

I have three pieces that are ready to be taken to the recording process. Two of them are tracks I wrote in 1987 and they are called "Go On" and "The Edge Of Nowhere". The latter nearly became a track on both "The Timeless Mind" and "Soundtrack For City Living", but didn't quite fit into the overall feel of both albums, so third time lucky. The third track is a brand new one, something of a ballad, called "Some Other Day" and I'll be doing several vocal parts on this one, and possibly getting Candice to do some as well. I'm looking at using the Vibrati Punk Container for some nice screamy sound beds behind a punchy sequenced bass, some of Callum's top drawer drumming and Peter's power chord guitar. And of course, the vintage valve radios I recently obtained could prove useful, particularly if they were fed through an auto-filter or an harmonic filter with lashings of delay and compression. Indeed, we intend to explore every sonic possibility at our fingertips :-)

Our intention with this project is to get the album "Earthshock" ready as soon as we can and then get ourselves out playing live - and that's the main aim, live performance. As well as providing backing vocals, Callum and Peter are able to play elementary keyboard parts on top of their respective  instruments, so with a pre-programmed rhythm/bass backing track, we can hopefully put on a reasonable gig. We've made the decision not to have Callum playing a full acoustic drum kit as we want to make ourselves as flexible as possible, so he will be using the D.I.Y. drum pad unit I mentioned earlier on selected songs.

There won't be much more news on this project in the coming weeks until such time as the songs are written and being recorded. Fingers crossed we come up with something good. In the meantime, we've started work on the Neil Fellowes and the Impossible Men website - nothing much to see at the present time, but more stuff will be appearing over the coming months :-)

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