Wednesday, 30 March 2011

NF pics on latest Ian Boddy Release

I'm really pleased to be able to tell you that two of my photographs were used as part of the artwork for an album called "Exit Strategy" (DiN37 2011) by Greek electronic composer Bakis Sirros and leading U.K. synthesist and sound designer, Ian Boddy.

The album itself is a collaboration between two electronic music artists who have a well documented love of analogue modular synthesisers. According to the press release, Sirros got things started by composing a series of ambient soundscapes and structured multilayered compositions that feature his avant-garde pulsing, throbbing analogue percussion layers, warm soundscapes and memorable melodies considered to be a signature sound of Parallel Worlds. Ian Boddy then took this material and shaped, arranged and sculpted it with the result being a series of seven inter-linked tracks which together, create something of a musical narrative that runs throughout "Exit Strategy". Boddy also added the glissando keyboard, a modern variation of the Ondes Martenot, sound he debuted on his album Slide (DiN31 2008) and this provides an emotional focus which, whilst it may seem to journey through dark, subterranean territory has some glorious melodic highlights.

Ian Boddy

Bakis Sirros
The previews can be heard on the DiN website which you can find by clicking HERE.

Many thanks to Ian Boddy for using my images, something of which I am both excited and proud. I have followed Ian's music for many years and never did I imagine during that time that something like this would ever happen.

New gear and music updates :-)

Well things have certainly been going on around here!!!

Obviously the photography has had to be put on hold for a short while so that my leg can mend after last week's fall in a derelict property. But that doesn't mean I've been slacking. Oh no.

I've been spending the time getting back to work on the "Soundtrack For City Living" album and I have to say that it's coming together nicely. It's very different from my previous releases and I hope that the finished product will have that certain something which will provide the break though.

I've also started preparing my set for the up-and-coming "Bungay Bash". I have a 45 mninute slot and my setlist is done. Two tracks each from "The Garden" and "The Timeless Mind", one track from the "Endless Night" E.P. (yes, I will be singing - you have been warned!!!), one track from the new album and a quirky show-stopping (I hope) opener. I'm not going to be saying what tracks I'm doing though until the event - you'll have to get tickets top come and see and hear for yourself.

Details of the "Bungay Bash" can be found HERE.

Because of the complex nature of my music, playing live can be a bit tricky, so to help balance the stress and enjoyment, I'm really pleased that my daughter, Alannah Raeburn-Fellowes, will be joining me on stage playing additional keyboards.

Getting back to the photography, there have been some interesting developments in the last week. Pictures that I took during the return visit Bessingham Manor in Norfolk (yes, the one where I fell) are receiving a lot of attention with people wanting to purchase copies and a number of enquiries being made. This has prompted me to start looking into setting up a little shop on the NF website, so keep an eye out for that. Also, the use of my images on Ian Boddy's latest CD release, which I hope will push my photography presence to a new level.


For the last two years, I've been using my partner's Canon Powershot A75 digital camera. It's been an absolute joy to use and, with it's many additional features, has enabled to take some seriously cool pictures that I didn't think were possible. It has a couple of drawbacks though, one being it's lack of a wide-angle lens and the other being it is only a 3.2 mega-pixel camera. So, because of the added interest in my photography and the improvement in my technique, I've decided it's time to up-grade the camera I use. Whilst I would have loved to go for a top-flight digital SLR, the simple truth is that just isn't possible at this time. My needs, like me, are simple: a wide-angle lens, high resolution, manual controls for exposure, aperture etc and ease and speed of use, all coupled with an affordable price, so I 've opted for a Bridge Camera. And the camera that ticked all the boxes was the Fujifilm Finepix S2950HD.

The "Fuji" has been ordered and now I have the painful task of waiting for it to be delivered. Those that know me know full well that I don't do patience and waiting very well at all :-D

So onwards - loads on the list to be done, and all very exciting :-)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

So, there's a new set of pictures in the Bessingham Manor House gallery on my Flickr page. A what a return explore this was!!!

I visited with two other explorers, our mission to get to the upper floors of this rickety crumbling old shell. We achieved this, but I'm paying a little bit of a price for it.

Now, let's get it clear here, I'm not good with heights and I'm worse with ladders. I can get up them, as quick as you want, my problem is getting back down again. So on our descent, I opted to lower myself over the edge of the first floor landing - doing it this way meant that I could do it slowly and then the drop would only have been a couple of feet - no big deal. Please keep in mind here that I was shitting bricks through this whole process. I got my legs over the side and started to shuffle back over the edge, one of my companions was already down and waiting to help me out if needed. And the the corner of the door frame I was holding onto gave and away I went like the proverbial sack of potatoes. It was neither elegant or pretty and thankfully, my companion (who luckily for me is in the Armed Forces) pushed me away from the cellar access which was in my flight path. The result was a professional "para" roll, an afternoon in A&E and torn ligaments in the ankle and knee with impact bruising and swelling up my right leg.

I got the shot ;-)

You can find the gallery HERE.
I've noticed from my last few explores that black and white seems to be so well suited to this type of photography. Most of the better pictures from this new set are in black and white, so it may be that I'll venture a little further into it. I like the effect it gives, making the locations seem that little bit sadder or even a little more mysterious. And I think it obvious that I now an HDR devotee - I love the detail it can bring out and I don't think I can go back now :-)
Here's a little teaser of what's in the gallery:

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Whoops - time slip alert!!!

Blimey, what a busy couple of weeks!!! Hence the lack of updates and hence the feared "timeslip"!!!

So what's been happening? Loads.

Musically, I've been getting myself back to work on the "Soundtrack For City Living" album. For the past couple of months, I've been feeling quite brick-walled where music has been concerned which is why I've been doing so much photography. But, it would appear that the musical mojo is back and normal service has been resumed. A couple of brand new tracks have been started, one of which has the working title of "City Dreaming" and the other "Walk Don't Walk".

Work has started in earnest on the new Age trilogy I'm doing with David Wright and Nigel Turner-Heffer under the name of  "Trinity". We've also made a start on a new Code Indigo album which will be called "A Different Colour". The track we've started has the working title of "Blue Day Dreaming".

Photography-wise, I've been quite busy. Learning the HDR process has been a lot of fun and it's now starting to yield some decent results. I had a pleasant return visit to Bessingham Manor with a couple of new friends who wanted to experience the Urban Exploration thing - was a good visit and I finally made it into the cellars which was great. I also took a trip to the ruined St. Peter's Church in North Burlingham whichn is just off of the main A47 road from Norwich to Great Yarmouth. It's a beautiful derelict and on a sunny day, it was an exquisite sight. Ienjoyed an afternoon with local photographer Brian Wells as we took a short trip to Felthorpe just outside Norwich, wher we found a wonderfully derelict bungalow - once again, the HDR process yielded some quite lovely pictures of which I'm proud. And a return trip to the ruined church in North Burlingham, accompanied by my daughter Alannah, provided me with some great pictures of her in this terrific location. And another chalk mine was found on the Newmarket Road that leads out of Norwich, and not just a chalk mine either, close by was a lime kiln which gave some nice looking pictures.

The images can be seen on my Flickr page, the links to which are below:

These images will soon be added to the NF website

Please don't forget to tune into South Spiritual Radio, who have "The Timeless Mind" as their "Album of the Week", on Thursday 24th March 2011 as I'm being interviewed by Steve Sheppard!!! The links for the SSR are below:

Link 1: Southern Spiritual Radio Live (Windows Meda Player)
Link 2: Southern Spiritual Radio Live (Quicktime)

So, the week ahead is a busy one yet again. A combination of voluntary work, exploration, music making, radio interviews. In the meantime, below are a few pics as a taster to the others I've been doing.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

NF Website Update: Video Page Update

I've finally updated the Video page with four videos, including the brand new promo for Geigertek track "The Visitors" which comes from the "Endless Night" E.P., available from AD Music.

I've included "The Visitors" below, hope you like it :-)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

A country explore......

The sun shone and so I hit the road, making my way to Narford Church just off the King's Lynn road in North Norfolk.

A fantastic little explore and well worth the journey, not least be given acces to not just the interior of the church itself, but also into the crypt.

The pictures are now on Flickr, you can find them HERE, and the website will be updated very soon.

Myt thanks go to the Reverend Stuart Nairn for kindly allowing me access to he church and crypt and for his patience whilst I took the pictures.

Here's a taster:

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Four new explore sets on Flickr!!!

Yes, you read it right - FOUR (4) new image sets loaded up to my Flickr page.

The first two are from a weekend jaunt to Kent with some good friends to Babies Castle and the former Lillesden Girl's School. The third is from a little mooch about a brownfield site here in Norwich. The fourth is a collection of images that are horror shots, be warned, they are not for the faint-hearted and are of questionable taste!!!

The Babies Castle set can be found HERE

The former Lillesden School set can be found HERE

The Brownfield Explore set can be found HERE

The Horror set can be found HERE - again, I want to warn you these aren't pleasant, but they were a lot of fun to do :-)