Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NF Website Updates: Urban Exploration Galleries

I've updated the Military Galleries with photographs from the recent explore of a Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility.

Exploring a Cold War location......

I've uploaded photographs of a recent explore to a nuclear wepaons storage facility. It was awesome.

Unfortunately I can't give any information about the location of this site because part of it is still used by the British Army and the Royal Airforce - more hassle than I want!!!

It was quite a breath-taking morning walking around bunkers that housed nuclear warheads and hangars that were designed to withstand a smart bomb and even a nuclear bomb, hangars that housed the aircraft which would have been the deliverers of armageddon.

At it's height, security would have been immense, defined by the triple skin fencing, copious amounts of CCTV, a large dog section, foot and mobile patrols as well as search lights (which still turn and are just awesome!!!). Even though the site is now free of all nuclear arms (so we're led to believe), parts of the site are still used for training, mostly joint operations for Police and NARO as well as the CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) regiment.

The Flickr page can be accessed HERE

A little taster:

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


For some reason, I'm not really sure why, I have two twitter accounts. One is for Neil Fellowes, the other is for manof2worlds. I think my reasoning (such as it is) was that the first was for my music side and the second for my Urban Exploration. However, I really can't be bothered to keep two pages going, so I'm going to close down the Neil Fellowes one and stick with manof2worlds.

This will happen over the next couple of days, so if you are a follower of my Neil Fellowes Twitter page, please do join me on manof2worlds - simply search for @manof2worlds :-)

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Uneducated B.B.C. - or are they biased?

I'm annoyed.

Once again, Urban Explorers are being painted with the "Vandal" brush. Why oh why do these people not look into exactly what Urban Exploration is - we are not vandals, look at our pictures and you'll see why we do what we do.

Perhps the B.B.C. should consider joining up with an explorer or two and seeing exactly what gets left behind by the previous occupant - things such as legal documents, people's payslips and medical records.

I will be complaining.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

NF Website Updates: Urban Exploration Galleries

Just a quick one to say that the NF website has had some new galleries added for the Rosary Road and Harford Hills chalk mines, the former Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and Rougham Hall.


A wonderful explore......

Yesterday saw myself, son Callum and fellow explorers Keith Shaw and Erick Grundahl, visit the beautiful Rougham Hall which is just outside the Suffolk town of Bury St. Edmunds.

This wonderful ruin was originally built in the 15th Century by the Agnew family, but during the Second World War, it was hit by a stray German bomb which was meant for an airbase that lays very close by. The force of the explosion apparently shattered the foundations of the Hall and floors and walls came crashing down. Obviously, it was never rebuilt and was left to the devices of Mother Nature - what a glorious job she is doing.

The full set is on both Flickr and in it's own gallery on the website which you can find by clicking HERE

Have a little taster of what we saw below:

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Switching to Urban Explorer Mode

My son Callum and I are in the process of getting the equipment ready for another explore in the morning.

As always, not saying where we're headed to - this 'ere bloggy thing is watched (hi there security guys!!!) - but there will be pictures ;-)


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Work on The Trinity Project is underway at last :-)

Finally, after several weeks of delays and distractions, all from outside distractions, David Wright and I have started work on the first Trinity album (to be called "Music For Angels"). We spent a very productive Tuesday evening in David's Planet Recording Studio where came up with 15 minutes of music which we've given the working title of "Lazy Heaven". This track has given us a really good start and already it has a definite overtone of space music with a lot feeling. It's safe to say that we're certainly pleased with the start we've made.

Our Tuesdays are something of regular event, which started some three years ago when David mastered the first Geigertek album "The Garden", and each week since we talk rubbish, drink coffee and cola (I drive so no alcohol!!!) and generally put the world to rights alongside listening to the the latest demos sent into AD Music. Always a laugh and quite often at David's expense. This week, aside from starting the album, nothing was different. There was some much need ribbing and amusement to begin with, (added and abetted by several cups of strong coffee!) because David somehow managed to totally screw up his studio MIDI settings - he continually bleated that "it's been over seven years since I last set up all the external synths for simultaneous multi-recording". Okay David ;-) But within a couple of hours (and after much swearing from DW with some rather spectacular one-liners on my part) we were up and running and by the Witching Hour, we had a pretty nice track with a great feel to it

For all Equipment Geek-Nerds, we were using the following hardware synthesizers:

Kurweil PC3x (nice bit of kit)
Korg 01/W (20 years old but still a great synth)

Only 2 soft synths were used and these were:

As always, all updates will be posted here as well as David Wright's personal blog which you can find HERE

Neil Fellowes and David Wright

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

An abandoned city......

I want to share with you a video created by a fellow Urban Explorer who calls himself UrbanX. He has visited the irradiated city of Pripyat in Russia, scene of the infamous Chernobyl nuclear accident. This is a collection of his images set to music.