Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Another October almost gone......!!!

So, another month just about gone - where does the time go???!!!

It's been a busy-ish sort of month. I've been spending time doing some work with AD Music and David Wright, as well as trying out new synths - mostly freeware - and sorting out the computer.

I spent an enjoyable week with David Wright in his Suffolk studio preparing audio files ready for the AD Music website and on-line store. We were converting audio files into both .flac and .mp3 (rated at 320kbps) formats. A lot of the older albums on the AD Music. catalogue are going to made available more widely through sites such as Musiczeit etc and it was AD Music's view that the higher resolution music files formats should be used.

The re-format has been carried out and I'm now in the midst of re-installing all the software. It's been quite satisfying and I know that when I go back to working on the albums, a nice clean and slightly faster computer will be waiting for me.

One of the new (for me) pieces of software I've been playing around with is called Glitch. It basically mashes up your mix, but in a sequenced and fun sort of way. Prior to the Great October 2010 Re-format, I spent a couple of days messing about with Glitch making a whole manner of noises and grooves - it will definitely be used on "Soundtrack For City Living".

I've been missing my photography side this last few weeks. Circumstances have prevented my geting out and rooting through old buildings and nearly dying in the process. I'm hoping that I might be getting back "out there" soon, a couple of places have appeared on the radar that aren't too far from me here in Norwich. I have two hard-drives in my computer, one for music which I call the "Studio Drive" (inventive uh?) and the other I use for everything else (I called this one the "Internet Drive" - ground-breaking stuff this!!!). When I re-formatted the Studio Drive, I also re-formatted the Internet Drive and it's on here that I sort and process my photographs. I'm getting into HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) photography because I love this process when it's done properly. So much more colour and detail comes through and the lighting doesn't look washed out in high lighting/contrast conditions.

No more gigs for 2010 now as far as I know. The one I was hoping for in London next month didn't come off, but the organisers have said that they will want me for a line-up in the New Year, possibly in Nottingham.

No much work has been done on the classical album. Other things have taken me away from that at this time. But, the project is still on-going and I will probably re-visit when the computer has been fully sorted. I still have to decide upon the pieces that I want to do as AD Music recently discovered that there could some difficulties with geting permission for releasing classical stuff!!! I recorded a version of Prokofiev's "Troika" recently for the newly released "ChristmasAD: First Snow" album, only to find at the 11th hour that they weren't allowed to use it. Very frustrating. So, a final list needs to be drawn up and "approved" before I carry on with it.

Anyways, time for a coffee and then back to the re-installing before picking up my dear little Nissan Micra who is at the car hospital having a new clutch fitted :-)