Wednesday, 1 September 2010

E.P. and beyond......

The Artificial 01> event went well with a good crowd and some quality music. Pictures and a report will be appearing soon :-)

So, I now need to finish the E.P. that was supposed to have been ready for the event. Alas, my own inexperience played a major part in this not happening. My music has always been about instrumentals and not vocals, so when it came to recording the songs, my lack of experience recording vocals created a situation whereupon more time was spent trying to get them right. However, now that time isn't so pressing, I've managed to garner the technique so that I can get tis particular project completed. It would be nice to have it finalised in the next week. As stated before, this will be available as a download only product from AD Music.

And so beyond. I've started work on two parallel projects, both instrumental at this stage. The first of these is an album of original material to be called "Soundtrack For City Living". I'm exploring beats, glitches and rhythms for this one and returning to some of the more atmospheric stuff I did on "The Garden".

The second project is an album of classical music, re-imagined using synthesizers. A part of my background is that I had classical training as a child and so I have quite an understanding of prchestral scores and the like. So, with that in mind, I have been looking at several pieces and recording them using the original scores, but replacing the orchestral elements with synthesizer sounds. This might sound quite Isao Tomita, but the difference is that I am not re-arranging the tracks, they will be presented as the scores dictated but with 21st century sounds. The idea came from two simultaneous directions. The first inspiration was through doing a track for the pending Christmas album from AD Music. I had a lot of fun putting together a piece called "Troika", and whilst it does sound VERY Tomita, it gave me more of an insight into something I had considering for some time. The second inspiration came from my partner Anne, who upon hearing "Troika" suggested that perhaps I should have a go at making a Geigertek version of one of her favourite classical pieces, "Canon in D" by Pachelbel. I already had the score to this piece and so I started to put it together and the results so far have been quite interesting.

To date, I have started works by Benjamin Britten, Gustav Holst (you have to have a "Planets Suite" piece in there somewhere!!!), Rachmaninov and Vaughan-Williams. I've taken a couple of demo pieces to AD Music who have encouraged me to continue the project, which I will do. The collection will have the simple title of "Interpretations".

On the live front, I am waiting to hear about a possible gig for late 2010 in London. As soon as details of this come through, the channels will be updated. I'm not sure what form the set will take, but for definite there will be a number of cover versions of a particualr artist. Keeping stumm for the time being until I know for definite what's happening.

I'm looking at simplifying my studio set-up. As with most computer musicians, I have far too many software synthesizers on the go, so I think it's time to have a bit of a cull. For sure, I think that the time for re-formatting the Studio Drive is approaching, and a nice fresh clean install will be just what the doctor ordered. I'm using a lot of freeware and this is something that I want to continue doing as I'm finding that freeware items really do have a lot to offer both sonically and in terms of quality. I'm very fond of the instruments and effects offered by Togu Audio Line and Kjaerhus, as well as Krakli and H.G. Fortune, all of which provide stuff that sounds cool and is interesting to use. Maybe a blog about my freeware uses will be happening, who knows!!!

That's it for now, I have a stack of jobs to do and find that I'm getting a little way-laid by writing and listening to Kraftwerk's "Expo 2000"!!!


N xxx