Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Images on Flickr

I had a mooch about an old graveyard on Rosary Road here in Norwich yesterday, some lovely old "momento mori" in varying states of repair were caught in the mist. I took advantage of the opportunity to try out some HDR processing and results aren't perfect, but I have seen worse :-)

Click HERE to go to my Flickr page and have a look below at a taste of what's in this new set:

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

NF website changes :-)

For those of you who have come here from the Neil Fellowes website, this IS the News Page!!!

Because of the many things that are going on at this time, I believe that it will easier for me to use a web log rather than a dedicated News Page for both my personal site and the recently up-dated Geigertek website.

This weblog will have everything from the music to the Urban Exploration to what I had my Christmas Dinner, as well as a bit of a platform to vent the spleen - you've been warned!!!

So, there's the news, I'm off to bed.

Nite nite :-)

Monday, 27 December 2010

David Wright Collaboration

Starting on the 4th January 2011, I'll be working on a new album of relaxing instrumental music in the best tradition of gentle space music with my Code Indigo chums David Wright and Nigel Turner-Heffer. This New Age style release will be called "Music For Angels" and we're hoping it will be the first part of a four part set of recordings released by us under the name of "The Trinity". It's expected that we'll have the first of these ready for release by June and will be aiming for at least two to released in 2011, maybe  more depending on how itn all goes. More updates as they happen will of course be posted here.

In need of some Urban Exploration!!!

Christmas is now past - thankfuly this year!!! We've had a nice few days in the peace and quiet, eating too much and watching too much T.V. - but it's been great.

That means the explorer in me has had another rest for too long a period, something I may have to do something about over the next couple of days.

Now, I'm obviously not going to discuss where I might go before I go there as these 'ere bloggy things are watched by the "you know who" companies. Suffice to say the Norwich area is replete with fine opportunities for a reasonable mooch.

A good explore comes though research and planning. The main tools for research are local news media, Google Earth and good old fashioned word-of-mouth. Also, keeping your eyes open as you walk/drive about can yield good foundations for a fine explore, after all, exploring your surroundings is an aspect of what urban exploration is all about.

So, this evening, the camera batteries are being primed and the torches prepped ready for some reconnaissance.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Queen's Speech 2010

Okay, I'm not anti-monarchy as such. They do serve a role in that they bring tourists in. Fair enough. I don't think they should receive any money from the tax-payer though, particularly in these difficult times, their wealth is sufficient as is their land-ownership. So, it was that I thought the Queen's Speech this year would serve to bolster the flagging spirits of her nation who are beset with debt, job losses, price rises and financial worries and give the average man and woman in the street a little something in a message born of hope and inspiration.

Boy was I disappointed.

For 10 minutes our monarch spoke without really saying anything at all. I'm not interested in the King James bible, like many in this country, I see religion the same as I see government - a seething cauldron of evil, hypocrisy and corruption. And going on about sport bringing the community together? I bet the bloke in the wheel chair or the bed-ridden child whole-heartedly agreed with that message!!! And talk about over-doing the PC thing on the "ethnic minority" issue - do we not have any white children in our schools anymore?

I'm sorry ma'am, but this year I wanted you to tell me that yes, things are tough, yes, times are hard and will get worse before they get better, but that we will all come through and we will all be okay. I wanted you to applaude your Armed Forces for the questionable war they are fighting, I wanted you to recognise the hardships people are facing at the moment. But no, you showed me sports halls and gyms - why is that relevant? How many of us can actually afford to use these type of facilities?

All I saw this year was an old lady gibbering on about irrelevant stuff, over-parading ethnic children in a vulgar display of political correctness and not showing any sign of interest in difficulties facing her subjects.

A very poor showing and something her father and the people of his generation would not have been proud of.

Christmas Day :-)

So, Christmas Day 2010.

We've had a quiet one this year. The kids are with their mother, so it was just the two of us and what a lovely lazy day we've had.

Spent the morning on the computer for aboutan hour, then watched "Family Film of the Decade" which was Shrek? I would have thought Harry Potter could easily have pinched that one.

We then watched 2 and a half episodes of season 6 of "Lost". We have BT Vision which is loads better than Sky and better value for money (we're not keen on giving our hard-to-come-by cash to greedy old corruptNew Zealander men - go Vince Cable!!!), and they have "box sets"! of TV series which you can watch at your leisure with no ads, and "Lost" was added at the beginning of December. I say 2 and a half because we were cooking our Christmas Lunch - a slow-roasted boned leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary, roast potatoes and parsnips (done in the lamb fat) with Yorkshire puds, Pigs In Blankets and stuffing balls.

Here's the leg of lamb, just out of the oven:

Here's the pot of Bisto I used to make the VERY thick gravy:

And here's the gravy in the pan, bubbling away nicely (with added lamb juice for all you veggies and health Nazies out there):

And the end result - a table of food, ready for "Top of the Pops" and the Queen's Speech:

Friday, 24 December 2010

Draft cover for next album

The third Geigertek album, "Soundtrack for City Living" is shaping up nicely and adopting it's own persona musically, but now it has an identity in the form of the first draft cover. AD Music's David Wright has been very creative and came up with exactly the type of look I envisaged for the CD cover.

What do you think?

Using a Casio VL-Tone on the new album

I was recently having a listen to some sounds from Spectrasonics Trilian bass synthesizer and their awesome Omnisphere synthesizer recently at my good friend David Wright's Planet Studio when I heard a patch that I am sure had a Casio VL-Tone on it!!! Remember the little VL-Tone - it was a white glorified calculator with a button keyboard and a few dodgy sounds. The Human League used one of these little blighters on the "Get Carter" track on their "Dare" album.

I knew that I once had one and I believed I knew where in my store of junk, collected over the last 40 years, it was - and it was, right where I thought I had seen it :-)

Well, I'm not exactly best-placed to buy either Omnisphere or Trilian at this moment in time, so I thought about how the sound was made up. Can't be that difficult surely? And you know what? It isn't. A little of jiggery-pokery and some significant layering and processing brought me close to the sound I liked. What's more, when I applied it to the track I had in mind, it sounded great - to my ears of course!!! Time will tell once the album is released if I did indeed pull it off.

So, with that little success in mind, I'm going to try and do a little more with the VL-Tone - recording the rhythms etc into a sampler and then cutting the resulting .wav thing up is easy, so please do expect some VERY vintage tones from me in the future.

Geigertek Website

The Geigertek website has had a bit of a face-lift!!! And one thing that has been changed is the News Page, because this blog is to be the new News Page. It's far easier and quicker to update a blog than it is to change HTML coding etc. So, as from now, this is the place for Geigertek and Neil Fellowes related stuff :-)

Nothing new to report just yet, other than the plans for 2011 which are in the previous entry to this one.

Time for lunch :-)


Thursday, 23 December 2010


Well it's coming to that time of the year when we start to make plans for new one. I don't count myself out of that pastime :-)

Musically speaking, it's going to be quite a full year, certainly for the first half. Top of the pile is "Soundtrack For City Living" which will be the third Geigertek instrumental electronic music album - that's well underway now and is taking shape nicely. I'm doing collaboration with David Wright and Code Indigo guitarist, Nigel Heffer-Turner, on a series of new-age style albums. Calling ourselves "The Trinity", the first of these will be called "Music For Angels". Alongside these I'm putting together a track for a forth-coming "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (yes, the movie) musical tribute album. A number of U.K. electronic music artists are involved, including Gary Hunter, Neon and Soulless Party. I'm also doing a collaboration with a well-known electronic music artist (who shall remain nameless at this time) - this is exciting as it is someone outside of the AD Music family and something I'm certainly looking forward to.

Live performance-wise, not too sure about anything solid as yet. There is talk of an AD Music bash in June or July, that's yet to be confirmed and there is also murmurings of an electronica gig (similar to the Artificial gig I played at last August) to be held in Nottingham, probably during March. And of course, after a series of set-backs during 2010, work will be defintiely be starting very soon on the Code Indigo album - something else I am seriously looking forward to.

Gear-wise, I think I'm there at the moment with no plans for anything new to be added to the set-up. The studio is now running lovely and I can now properly enjoy it's potential.

The old Urban Exploration list of places to go is looking quite long at the moment - lots of very promising potential sites. Let's hope access and weather play ball :-)

So, now it's time for a coffee and maybe a quick razz on the Nintendo DS that my gorgeous daughter gave me Christmas X-)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

All Change In The Geigertek Studio :-)

Once again the winds of change blow fortuitously over the Geigertek Studio.

My trusty Evolution MK449C MIDI keyboard controller is about to be replaced by a Novation SL61 Mk I MIDI keyboard controller, thanks to my good friend, the UK electronic music composer and founder of AD MusicDavid Wright. He's currently having a clear-out and updating his amazing Planet Recording Studio, so various bits and pieces are up for grabs and I got first refusal on the Novation. I've been wanting this controller for some time and whilst it isn't the new MK II, I'm happier to have the MK I - I'm not sure I would like the Mk II having read the reviews and checked out the images. This is a good studio upgrade with a very definite professional piece of equipment.

Progress is being made with the third Geigertek album, titled "Soundtrack For City Living". I already have 5 tracks well and truly underway now, but still a long way before completion. There is a lovely laid back feel to the pieces, nice crunchy/glitchy rhythms and lashings of reverb (of course). I'm hoping to really kick back the boundaries of my previous releases with the inclusion on the album of a cover of a famous electronica piece from the early 1980's - not going to say what it is at this stage as I want to wait for the copyright/publishing permissions to come through first. Once I've got those, I'll be completing the piece in a way that still retains it's feel, but will present it with a 21st Century sound. I'm also including a some vocal tracks as well, one of which has a very "James Bond"/John Barry feel to it. I'm waiting to hear from a young female vocalist whose voice would be perfect for the piece.

I'm using some new (to me) software from U.K. based Minimal System Instruments - a great reverb called "Airwalker" and "Moogi" which is a vintage Moog filter emulation. Both pieces are really good and give the music a certain character which is very appealing to me at the moment.

I've also been using some sample packs from another U.K. company called Hollow Sun run by the rather friendly Steve Howell. The "Crumar Performer" and "VP330" both sound incredible and bring quality vintage synth sounds to the modern musician.

I don't want to sound like an ad campaign here but, I have to say that both Minimal Sytem Instruments and Hollow Sun offer some fantastic products at incredibly low prices (a great reverb for £2.99???!!!) and a friendly service as well - aside from the sound, these are big factors for me.

So, time to clear the desk ready for the new keyboard. I may be very sad and post a few pictures ;-)

N xxx

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Another October almost gone......!!!

So, another month just about gone - where does the time go???!!!

It's been a busy-ish sort of month. I've been spending time doing some work with AD Music and David Wright, as well as trying out new synths - mostly freeware - and sorting out the computer.

I spent an enjoyable week with David Wright in his Suffolk studio preparing audio files ready for the AD Music website and on-line store. We were converting audio files into both .flac and .mp3 (rated at 320kbps) formats. A lot of the older albums on the AD Music. catalogue are going to made available more widely through sites such as Musiczeit etc and it was AD Music's view that the higher resolution music files formats should be used.

The re-format has been carried out and I'm now in the midst of re-installing all the software. It's been quite satisfying and I know that when I go back to working on the albums, a nice clean and slightly faster computer will be waiting for me.

One of the new (for me) pieces of software I've been playing around with is called Glitch. It basically mashes up your mix, but in a sequenced and fun sort of way. Prior to the Great October 2010 Re-format, I spent a couple of days messing about with Glitch making a whole manner of noises and grooves - it will definitely be used on "Soundtrack For City Living".

I've been missing my photography side this last few weeks. Circumstances have prevented my geting out and rooting through old buildings and nearly dying in the process. I'm hoping that I might be getting back "out there" soon, a couple of places have appeared on the radar that aren't too far from me here in Norwich. I have two hard-drives in my computer, one for music which I call the "Studio Drive" (inventive uh?) and the other I use for everything else (I called this one the "Internet Drive" - ground-breaking stuff this!!!). When I re-formatted the Studio Drive, I also re-formatted the Internet Drive and it's on here that I sort and process my photographs. I'm getting into HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) photography because I love this process when it's done properly. So much more colour and detail comes through and the lighting doesn't look washed out in high lighting/contrast conditions.

No more gigs for 2010 now as far as I know. The one I was hoping for in London next month didn't come off, but the organisers have said that they will want me for a line-up in the New Year, possibly in Nottingham.

No much work has been done on the classical album. Other things have taken me away from that at this time. But, the project is still on-going and I will probably re-visit when the computer has been fully sorted. I still have to decide upon the pieces that I want to do as AD Music recently discovered that there could some difficulties with geting permission for releasing classical stuff!!! I recorded a version of Prokofiev's "Troika" recently for the newly released "ChristmasAD: First Snow" album, only to find at the 11th hour that they weren't allowed to use it. Very frustrating. So, a final list needs to be drawn up and "approved" before I carry on with it.

Anyways, time for a coffee and then back to the re-installing before picking up my dear little Nissan Micra who is at the car hospital having a new clutch fitted :-)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

E.P. and beyond......

The Artificial 01> event went well with a good crowd and some quality music. Pictures and a report will be appearing soon :-)

So, I now need to finish the E.P. that was supposed to have been ready for the event. Alas, my own inexperience played a major part in this not happening. My music has always been about instrumentals and not vocals, so when it came to recording the songs, my lack of experience recording vocals created a situation whereupon more time was spent trying to get them right. However, now that time isn't so pressing, I've managed to garner the technique so that I can get tis particular project completed. It would be nice to have it finalised in the next week. As stated before, this will be available as a download only product from AD Music.

And so beyond. I've started work on two parallel projects, both instrumental at this stage. The first of these is an album of original material to be called "Soundtrack For City Living". I'm exploring beats, glitches and rhythms for this one and returning to some of the more atmospheric stuff I did on "The Garden".

The second project is an album of classical music, re-imagined using synthesizers. A part of my background is that I had classical training as a child and so I have quite an understanding of prchestral scores and the like. So, with that in mind, I have been looking at several pieces and recording them using the original scores, but replacing the orchestral elements with synthesizer sounds. This might sound quite Isao Tomita, but the difference is that I am not re-arranging the tracks, they will be presented as the scores dictated but with 21st century sounds. The idea came from two simultaneous directions. The first inspiration was through doing a track for the pending Christmas album from AD Music. I had a lot of fun putting together a piece called "Troika", and whilst it does sound VERY Tomita, it gave me more of an insight into something I had considering for some time. The second inspiration came from my partner Anne, who upon hearing "Troika" suggested that perhaps I should have a go at making a Geigertek version of one of her favourite classical pieces, "Canon in D" by Pachelbel. I already had the score to this piece and so I started to put it together and the results so far have been quite interesting.

To date, I have started works by Benjamin Britten, Gustav Holst (you have to have a "Planets Suite" piece in there somewhere!!!), Rachmaninov and Vaughan-Williams. I've taken a couple of demo pieces to AD Music who have encouraged me to continue the project, which I will do. The collection will have the simple title of "Interpretations".

On the live front, I am waiting to hear about a possible gig for late 2010 in London. As soon as details of this come through, the channels will be updated. I'm not sure what form the set will take, but for definite there will be a number of cover versions of a particualr artist. Keeping stumm for the time being until I know for definite what's happening.

I'm looking at simplifying my studio set-up. As with most computer musicians, I have far too many software synthesizers on the go, so I think it's time to have a bit of a cull. For sure, I think that the time for re-formatting the Studio Drive is approaching, and a nice fresh clean install will be just what the doctor ordered. I'm using a lot of freeware and this is something that I want to continue doing as I'm finding that freeware items really do have a lot to offer both sonically and in terms of quality. I'm very fond of the instruments and effects offered by Togu Audio Line and Kjaerhus, as well as Krakli and H.G. Fortune, all of which provide stuff that sounds cool and is interesting to use. Maybe a blog about my freeware uses will be happening, who knows!!!

That's it for now, I have a stack of jobs to do and find that I'm getting a little way-laid by writing and listening to Kraftwerk's "Expo 2000"!!!


N xxx

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Electronica E.P., live performance and beyond

As previously stated, I've been kept busy writing and recording new material, as well as preparing that same new material, in readiness for a 40 minute set I'm performing as part of an evening of live electronica/synth-pop music called Artificial 01 next month. And I suppose I've reached a point where I can talk a little more about that new material.

The E.P. will be a 7-track collection of songs called "The Endless Night E.P." with original material influenced by the likes of John Foxx, Ultravox, Gary Numan, The Human League etc. The track listing will be as follows (and not necessarily in this order!!!):

Total Pain
The Visitors
Picture In Eyes
How Do You Dream
This Man
Moonlight Strangers

Some of these songs were written a VERY long time ago and only now are seeing the light of day.

"Total Pain" is one of those songs. It was first written in 1987 by myself with lyrics by a very young Gary Numan enthusiast called Jim Dix. It doesn't sound very Numan, but the lyrics have his style. I re-worked this piece with ease because of the joys of modern technology. Glorious sweeping pads, wonderfully electronic rhythms and tons of atmosphere give this old song a freshness and breath of life.

"The Visitors" is a ghost story, a love story and a reality of emptiness after death. It has an insistent pulsing bassline line that drives the piece along with more wonderful sweeping pads and soaring strings that give "The Visitors" the ethereal quality it needs.

The essence of "Picture In Eyes" with it's obscure lyrics speaks of passion and lust, that moment when base instinct takes over and morality has no place. Musically there is something of a filmic quality to "Picture In Eyes" - big string sounds, heavy bass, persistent rhythms and dramatic vocalisation make for an almost epic 6 minutes.

"How Do You Dream" has a good up-tempo feel to it, very much influenced by the sounds of the 1980's but hitting in with a Millenium years feel. A story of being hated by a former lover, knowing why and knowing that nothing can change what has happened, the under-lying tension comes through with the repetitive sequence that bubbles away under the leads and the vocals.

"Youth" is an out and out electronica piece with an 80's flavour, looking at the state of the U.K. as it stands with the young running wild and seemingly no way to bring out of control kids back into line. Up-tempo with melody and an edge, "Youth" makes it's presence known with strong pads, expressive use of percussion and soring leads.

"This Man" is straight out of the "John Foxx Manual of Electronica". I've had a lot of fun doing this track, multi-layered leads, stop/start rhythms, violas put through flangers and my first use of vocal samples make "This Man" an unashamed tribute to the legendary pioneer of electronica, John Foxx.

And lastly, "Moonlight Strangers". This is a melody/vocally driven piece telling the story of an extra-marital affair and how sometimes, nothing can be done to stopit happening. Musically, it's sequences, synth-pop rhythms, harmonies and big pads. This is another song written many years ago with lyrics that I changed to suit a particular event in my own life.

As it stands at this moment in time, I've got 10 days to finish the E.P. and then it will be onto preparing the backing tracks and rehearsals. My set will include all 7 tracks as well as a track from the second Geigertek album "The Timeless Mind" and a couple of covers. These have been decided upon though I'm not letting on until after the event ;-)

One good thing is that AD Music, who signed the two Geigertek albums, have said that they will take care of the publishing as well as releasing "The Endless Night E.P." as a digital download. I'm really grateful for this as the music doesn't fit into their particular field which is instrumental electronic music.

For the gig itself, my set-up will remain the same as before. Three MIDI keyboard controllers will be hooked up to a Roland JV-2080 rack mounted synthesizer and two laptops respectively, with the addition of a multi-effects unit for my vocals to go through. As always, I'll do my own mixing on stage with my trusty Mackie 1202 mixer.

Once the Artificial 01 evening is over, I'll be getting back to work on the thrid Geigertek album which I have decided will be called "Soundtrack For City Living". The title perfectly reflects the manner of the music that I am starting create and also the approach that I am taking. The first two albums both had a very strong spiritual aspect, and so it's now appropriate to allow new things to lead the way in terms of inspiration. In another part of life, I am active Urban Explorer, rooting through old and derelict buildings, seeking out the things that we tend to ignore or forget. I'm excited about getting back to work on this album as new sounds and influences are really now starting to come forward in my music. The ambience will be there, but I feel sure the music will have a new percussive/rhythmic edge.

Lots to do in the next few weeks, but it's good and it's all fun.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

B.B.C. Norfolk Introducing

I've been for an interview today with Sophie Little, a reporter for B.B.C. Radio Norfolk's Introducing program, where we talked about Geigertek, electronica music, the pending Artificial evening and how it could seen as inter-generational.

It was a nice and easy interview which I enjoyed and Sophie was a relaxed and professional interviewer. I'm waiting for dates of the broadcast which will be posted onto my websites and social networking sites.

Friday, 23 July 2010


Once again, it's been ages since I did one of there 'ere bloggy things. What a shock to see that it's nearly 3 months since my last one!!!

Anyway, strange times yet again. Once more the tides of change have been around me and so, as usual, it's a matter of going along with it.

"The Timeless Mind" is now well and truly out there in the public domain, available from AD Music of course, but also from the sites such as Musiczeit (If you like electronic music, check this site out!!!), Amazon,, iTunes (my kids think I am well cool for being on there) and loads of others.

The E-Day event went brilliantly and the two tracks played from "The Timeless Mind" were well received - out of interest, we played "In Another Light" and "Spirit-Walking". It was great to meet and talk with a number of known figures within the genre.

The reviews have started to appear for "The Timeless Mind" and thus far have been positive, so it looks as though I'm getting something right!!!

So, what now?

I've been busying away since "The Timeless Mind" was released, on a collection of electronica tracks with vocals for an EP called “The Endless Night E.P.”. I'm having a bit of a branching out away from the ambient/instrumental and will be performing at a club style event in Norwich in August called ‘Artificial 1′. So if you’re in the Norwich area of the UK, on Saturday 21st August 2010, it might be worth checking it out! I'm also working on several other projects at the moment, and it seems guitarists are forming something of a key element of the music. There may be something of a Fripp/Eno style collaboration with Norwich guitarist Stephen Scott, while there are talks of a new age acoustic guitar album with fellow Code Indigo band members David Wright and Nigel Turner Heffer for release through New World Music. And of course, I'll be working as part of Code Indigo on a new album which has the working title of “A Different colour”.

Let's see what the next few weeks bring :-)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Last day of rehearsals for E-Day

Well, as the title of this post suggests, today will be the last day of rehearsals for the "David Wright, Callisto and Friends" concert that will headline the E-Day electronic music festival in Holland this coming Saturday.

We've worked hard on this and we think that we have a good solid set. The first half will have two of my tracks from my second album, "The Timeless Mind" (which is released on Sunday and available for purchase at the E-Day event!!!), a track from David Wright's "Distant Dreams and Moonlight" album and medley of tracks from various Code Indigo albums. The second half of the set will be David and myself performing as Callisto - thumping rhythms, soaring synth leads and live sequencing - we must be mad!!!

So, once today is done with, that's it until Saturday.

Will be fun :-)

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Well, lots in the pipeline I have to say.

Once E-Day has passed, I'll be focusing on a live slot at an evening of electronica in Norwich in August. I'm awaiting final details, but it would seem that I have a 30 minute slot. What will be interesting about this particular performance is that I will not be doing the ambient instrumental stuff. No. It's out and out electronica complete with vocals - a real challenge for me I have to say. But, it's a challenge I'm up for. I've got a few songs waiting in the wings, and once we've done the E-Day concert, I can finish the recordings and start work on the backing tracks. For this gig, I'm planning on a 5 or 6 track E.P. which can be sold at the event and there is a possibility of it being made available for download. I'm in talks with AD Music about that at the moment, so watch this space ;-)

I've also got some musical sketch pads which will form the basis for the third Geigertek album. More uptempo, more electronic and less piano than my previous outings. But that will be looked at once the August gig has taken place.

This weekend will see me getting my MIDI keyboards and synths performance ready - programming the MIDI keyboards to control the various software synthesziers I use and also sorting out the numerous sound patches into some semblance of order. Once that's done, everything from my point of view will be in place ready for next weekend's big event. Can't wait.

News on the forthcoming albums: Geigertek “The Timeless Mind”/Callisto “Nyx”

The new and long overdue Callisto CD “Nyx” and the anticipated "The Timeless Mind" from Geigertek will both be released on 24th May 2010 and premiered at the E-Day festival on Saturday 22nd May 2010. David Wright will be joined on stage by Geigertek to perform the new Callisto album with a specially produced graphics backdrop to accompany the performance.
Also available at E-Day will be the new Geigertek album “The Timeless Mind”. Both electronic music albums will be available to buy exclusively from the AD Music stand at E-Day. The .mp3 download versions will be available from the AD Music online website and as a .flac download from Musiczeit from 22:00 hours (BST) on Sunday 23rd May and will also be available from all main download stores, ie iTunes etc.

Prepping for E-Day 2010

The rehearsals for the E-Day are now well and truly underway!!! I have to say that, as it is with most rehearsal situations, there was some some confusion and chaos in the beginning. The set that I am a part of is for the headline act "David Wright, Callisto and Friends", so that means that this is unlike most normal performances that you would see at E-Day because this is a little more complicated owing to David Wright deciding on a slightly complex set that incorporates several artists and styles of electronic music due to the the numerous projects he is involved in.

Joining David on stage will be me (Neil Fellowes a.k.a. Geigertek) on keyboards and Nigel Turner-Heffer on guitar/keyboards. We'll perform music from David’s solo catalogue and the new Geigertek album, "The Timeless Mind". We'll will be joined by Andy Lobban to perform a specially written medley of Code Indigo tracks similar to that which went down so well in Derby last year. Time permitting, we'll also be joined by Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock to perform something totally unrehearsed.

The main bulk of the evening though will feature David Wright and myself as “Callisto” to premiere the new album “Nyx”, a powerhouse sequence based epic. For those of you expecting banks of Moogs, you'll be disappointed, because the Moogs, Jupiter 8s Minimoogs, CS80s, ARP 2600s and other associated synths that provided the bulk of the backdrop are from a row of Intel Macs and PCs!!! But have no fear….there will be synths and keyboards on view and lots of live playing going on, therefore plenty of scope for things to go wrong............!!!

We'll also have a specially commissioned graphic backdrop to accompany the music for the audience to enjoy. Of course, you’re probably aware that Callisto is, in fact, David Wright and Dave Massey but because Dave Massey "doesn’t do live", I've joined to complete the “live” Callisto line-up. Sadly though, due to a close family bereavement, Dave Massey won’t be in attendance at E-Day.

Nigel Turner-Heffer has worked with David Wright for several years on numerous non EM related projects and he is, of course, also part of Code Indigo. Thus, with me already in attendance, it made sense to incorporate some Code Indigo music on the night.

The most difficult part of the rehearsals has been trying to deconstruct the hugely technically complex “Nyx” album to play in a live setting. Much of the album relies on studio wizardry and the powerful studio bound Intel Mac Pros to create the musical and sequenced based ideas, and there was some initial concern that Callisto wouldn’t be able to recreate the album live. But they made a fair stab at it at the Hampshire Jam last year and the rehearsal suggest that these concerns are indeed unfounded.

So with just a week or so to go, the rehearsals are on track and going well, with probably at least one more Tuesday evening and the weekend before e-day to iron out any problems............see you at E-Day!!!


"My Lost City" is a collection of pieces recorded by John Foxx in his Shoreditch studio, "The Garden" during the timeframe of 1981 to 1985. These recordings lay forgotten in storage and gathering dust over a twenty year period until the latter part of 2008 when they were "rescued" and prepared for release. Other than some seemingly minor retro-spective re-mixing, this material is presented as it was - raw analogue musical sketchings of a time when parts of London, and in particular Shoreditch, the area in which Foxx had his studio, were like abandoned ghost-towns, replete with derelict buildings and deserted streets. To quote John Foxx:

I hadn't listened to the recordings that are being released as the My Lost City album since they were made, over twenty years ago. When I played them I was struck by the way they evoke a time and a place - and how I d been unaware of this when they were made. Then they seemed like fragments, unfinished and unsatisfying. A stop on the way to somewhere else. Now they seem like a time capsule discovered from under the streets. Made by someone else. Like an old radio tuned into a long gone station. Curious psychic electricals, crackling distantly from the speakers. They were recorded in East London. Back then, Shoreditch and Spitalfields were abandoned, dark and forgotten, yet only a step away from the City of London, the country s financial dynamo. I built a studio in the basement of an old Edwardian department store trees growing from the upper storeys when we moved in. I remember trying to make connections in this little laboratory between synthesizers and hymns and cities, churches, electricity and memory.

John Foxx is a master of ambience and tone-poetry, like some kind of audio alchemist, he brews electronic atmospheres, ambient washes and meaningful riffs that long ago put him on a par with the likes of Brian Eno. This was so ably demonstrated with the sublime "Cathedral Oceans" series and the collabaoration with Harold Budd - within this framework, "My Lost City" is no exception.

Merging the borders of electronica and ambience, Foxx paints a picture of that lost time before the re-development of London's East end, his passion for places and his sensitivity to everything around him act as sonic brushstrokes providing detail over simplistic and minimal ambient backdrops - his trademark use of dense and extended reverberation comes to the fore here, showing the pathways that would ultimately lead to the "Cathedral Oceans" albums. Each piece is a small piece of art in it's own right, sometimes delicate, sometimes mournful, sometimes desolate, but each conveying the sense of an urban snapshot. The music suggests a deep-rooted spiritual aspect; the monophonic unaccompanied melody lines that seem to be free rather than measured, dowsed in lengthy reverberations and the ensuing resonant modes that create naturally conceived harmonies, relate without question Anglican plainsong. The influence of medieval choral composers such as Thomas Tallis, John Taverner (not to confused with modern-day composer, Sir John Taverner) and William Byrd shine through when Foxx layers his voice which carries an ethereal air with it's almost sacred chanting in Latin.

John Foxx has often cited J.G. Ballard with the latters' written images of dystopian modernity, bleak man-made landscapes and the psychological effects of technological, social or environmental developments, as an influence in his work, and "My Lost City" provides further evidence of this with titles such as "Hidden Assembly", "Hawksmoor Orbital" and "City Of Disappearances". The urban atmospheres of the pieces, alongside the liturgical ambiences, give the listener a sense of displacement with an underlying and often inconsistent vein of hope.

All in all, "My Lost City" is one man's musical snapshot of a place in time now past. This album is replete with floating and rising synthesizer patterns, heavily reverberated vocal chanting, electronics that almost flutter and synthesised church organs. It is also something of an historical roadmap to future projects, s kind of evolutionary stepping stone from the time of "Metamatic" and "The Garden". It's also an important addition to the John Foxx time-line, showing where he had been, but also where he was about to go.

Track Listing:
01. Imperfect Hymn
02. Holywell Lane
03. Magnetic Fields
04. Just Passing Through
05. Barbican Brakhage
06. Hidden Assembly
07. Hawksmoor Oribital
08. Piranesi Motorcade
09. City Of Disappearances
10. Umbra Sumus
11. Scene 27 - Intro To The Voice Behind The Wallpaper, Trellick Tower 3am

Catalogue Number: META21CD
Release Date: 23rd February 2009
Label: Metamatic Records


And here it is at last, a proper blog thing to go with the Geigertek website and my own personal website.

I'll use this bloggy thing to chart my (mis)adventures in the worlds of music and Urban Exploration. I'll also use it to write my own reviews on such subjects as the music I'm listening to, photographic ideas I've come across or new pieces of equipment or software I'm using. I'll also chart the progress of my musical journey in terms of new material, albums and live performances.

I hope you'll enjoy my musings and rambles, there may even be the odd rant (it has been known).

So, without further ado, onward with the first entries.

Catch you later.